How the Right Flooring Can Make All the Difference

Flooring is one of the most important visual elements of any home, and an essential component that, when chosen correctly, can tie together all other elements of a home in the most artful way. Interior design companies prioritize flooring as the most predominant visual aspect of home improvement projects, and take into consideration the personality of both the home as well as the preferences of the homeowner when choosing the right flooring.

Introduction of new technologies and flooring materials has enabled the top construction companies in UAE such as Broadway Builders UAE to successfully install beautiful and practical floorings in thousands of homes across Dubai. Well-chosen flooring will add beauty to any room in your home and dramatically improve its look and feel.

Read more about the characteristics and benefits of the following varieties of flooring which are all available for purchase and installation by Broadway Builders UAE, one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai.

Carpeting: Soft, Safe, and Strong

Broadway Builders UAE offers a variety of carpeting materials ready for installation. Our carpeting is known for its enhanced properties due to superior weight, density and stain resistance. Carpets are now more durable than ever and you can expect to get up to even 20 years out of carpet flooring that you install today.

Choosing the appearance of the carpeting largely depends on personal preference. Although solid neutral colors such as blues and browns are classic looks for any home, the current fashion trend is now leaning towards flecked, patterned or multi-tone carpets. These carpets hide dust better and add more personality to your home.

Wood Flooring: Sophisticated, Sturdy, Stable

Hardwood has always been a favorite flooring for most houses around the world, due to its classic elegance, beautiful luxurious appearance, and easy maintenance. However, in areas with fluctuating humidity and temperatures, hardwood is likely to undergo dramatic expansions and contractions.

Engineered wood flooring is the hot trend in the most modern Dubai interiors nowadays. It prevents the flooring from undergoing damaging changes such as warping and cupping due to humidity and temperature, making it perfect for interiors in Dubai. This stable flooring comes with UV protective coating and is also less likely to require refinishing, thus it can save you the extra bucks.

Choose from endless varieties of style, patterns and shades in solid wood and wood-look materials at Broadway Builders UAE. Contact us to find our complete range of floorings here.

Vinyl Flooring: Simple, Standard, Stylish

Vinyl floors are a popular option which most homeowners select for kitchen and bathroom flooring. This water and stain-resistant flooring is versatile in appearance and texture, economically priced, and provides adequate durability for decades.

In homes, vinyl tile flooring is recommended in rooms where a significant amount of moisture will be absorbed by the floor. Vinyl flooring is comfortable under the feet, reduces noise, and can stand up well to lots of foot traffic as well. This easy to install and maintain flooring type comes in a huge variety of patterns and colors, many of which are available with Broadway Builders UAE.

Invest in the best

Professional installation is essential if you want to get the most desirable and immaculate flooring work done. Hiring Broadway Builders UAE, the top construction company in Dubai will help you to get the longest wear out of your flooring of choice as well, while cutting down on costs through our attractive installation packages. Broadway Builders UAE has a team of trained and experienced flooring installers who will complete the process professionally, from the initial measurements to the final inspection.

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