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Each project is priced based on the requirements. We offer various packages that facilatate your every need. You will receive quotes upon contacting us for any custom requirements. All prices are agreed before the start of any work.

No, there is no charge for this service. All quotes, surveys and consultations are completely free!

For household services such as painting, cleaning, and pest control, we recommend that you submit your request 2-3 days in advance. Complex services have a longer lead time.

Yes, our services are varied to suit the needs of our clients, If someone has bought a bathroom suite, taps and tiles and only want us to fit, then we will quote accordingly. We can provide all materials or quote for labor only depending on what the customer requires.

Our packages are designed and structured to cover most home maintenance issues. Each package covers preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance depending on property type and customer preference.

Yes of course. A simple monthly payment plan can be drawn up. You will have an initial 12 month contract after which it becomes a “rolling monthly” contract.


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