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It is very important to get right with the process of fitting out the new office because it will probably be one of the largest expenses that your company will pay for. With so many interior fit out companies in Dubai to choose from, you should consider the factors which will improve the brand image of your office and also increase the productivity of your office. Some of these factors will include the availability of facilities to the look and the feel of your office.

A very important aspect of any kind of office fit out work is to plan and design. Most of the interior fit out companies in Dubai will expect you to be very sure about where, what and how exactly to place the things in order to be able to maximize the space in your office and also give birth to a design that will complement several corporate aspects.

A vital part of the project of office fit out includes planning. When an office space is well planned out, it will give way to a stress free environment which will be highly appreciated by your clients and staff. Before you take that plunge, here are 4 things that will make the transition successful and enjoyable.


Whether it is a relocation or a refurbishment of the existing location, your business will benefit in many ways from a new project of office fit out. You will benefit from an increase in the work flow to better performance among the staff with ease of movement in the office space and better lighting. There is also the instant gratification and benefit of presenting your office as a modern space to your customers and clients. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start your fit out project:

  • Why are you opting for a new office?
  • What is the type of fit out you want?
  • Where should your office be?

Finding the answers to the questions above will help you to determine the budget, the time it will take to complete the project and it will also help you make better choices with the aesthetics and functional aspects.


Besides reflecting the current state and climate of your company’s business, the new fit out should also be able to adapt well to any future changes. There are some more business plans for ‘future direction:

  • How do you see your business changing and growing in the coming years?
  • Will the present space accommodate expansion in the company?
  • Who will the shape and size of your office impact technological tends?
  • Is there flexibility in your office to adapt well to fast changes?

You should look for new space for your office if you find it unsuitable and outdated. On the flip side, a refurbishment might be better if you simply want to enhance productivity and improve the image of your company.


When you already have an outlined budget, it gets easier to find quotes for your office fit out project. Since there are so many varieties of interior fit out companies in Dubai, determining a rough price range in advance will save a lot of time in dealing with those contractors which are outside the limit of your budget. Here are some of the items you should consider in your budget:

  • Moving costs.
  • The amount and time, limited to storing furnishings and equipment.
  • The complete design of the entire fit out.
  • Expenditure on new furniture.
  • Telecommunications and IT infrastructure.


Quote will help you gather information both for you and your company as well as the interior fit out companies that are involved in your project. Quoting is no promise of engagement so make use of them to come to an informed decision. Make a list of the pros and cons to make a comparison between the different interior fit out companies in Dubai and study the overall picture. This should be easy if you are a good project manager but if not, you can always engage some body else (preferably from your organization) to oversee your project. Most of the interior fit out companies in Dubai will include these factors in their quote:

  • Design briefing.
  • Technical factors.
  • Material delivery.
  • Assessment of building.
  • Project construction and management.

Include all the possible costs in your initial quote so that you can budget your company’s fit out project efficiently and it will not bother you with unexpected costs in the future. If it is an in house project management than it is a great idea to involve those independent contractor companies throughout the process.


The overall design of your new office should be able to reflect the desired appearance, culture, values, ideas, mottos and vision of your company. Also, make sure it is an extension of your marketing and advertising collateral. This will make your clients get the same feeling when they walk into your office space as when they view your marketing collateral or web site. Since the marketing department will probably be well versed with your brand, involve them. Collaborate at an initial stage so that you can create a new office that really reflects the values of your company.


Technology has advanced and people can work from anywhere as long as there is internet connection. This is why your office fit out project could be a perfect opportunity to change the layout of your office, downsize or even change the cubicles to a more collaborative form of work space.

If some of your staff is working part time or remotely than you can save some money on the entire floor space. You can also turn this into conference rooms, recreational areas, breakout areas, client areas, etc.

Whatever you decide, it is always a better option if you go for a company that really takes the time out to listen to all of your needs and provide a stress free and positive experience. With so many different types of interior fit out companies in Dubai, it should not be easy to find the perfect choice for your needs with the help of these tips.


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